Develop with web standards

Our software engineering team has designed CartoVista to integrate with today’s and tomorrow’s web-based applications.

  • Develop with JavaScript/HTML and CSS.
  • Benefit from a dynamic worldwide community of developers. 
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Customize your Application’s Functionality and its Look and Feel.

We are in the web 3.0 era: Your application has to be elegant and efficient. 

  • Skin your application with total control over styling.
  • Leverage existing UI components to develop custom functionality.
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Develop Interactive Dashboards and Mobile Applications

Add the missing piece to your application.

  • Build rich cartographic dashboards with connected charts and data tables
  • Provide advanced data filtering and live querying
  • Create mobile applications that leverage the device’s capabilities (GPS, camera, etc.)
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Easily Integrate with HTML and Native Apps

Leverage HTML5 to create interactive content, perfectly integrated with your applications.

  • Simply embed CartoVista maps in your web site with a few lines of code
  • Interact easily with any HTML content
  • Develop with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
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CartoVista SDK


CartoVista Publisher: Generate High Quality Maps Yourself

Maps for the CartoVista Viewer are created and designed with the CartoVista Publisher. They are optimized for fast loading in your web browser while maximizing the level of interactivity. Maps can include one or more interactive layers that respond to mouse events, helping to understand the data and the analysis being displayed. 

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CartoVista Server: Integrate your Large Datasets and Manage the Data Access

The CartoVista Server connects directly with GIS data stored in your corporate database, allowing easy integration of your large layers. In addition, the CartoVista Server Portal module can be used to organize your maps by author, subject or keyword and to manage user access (security).

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Professional Services

Do you have a specific project? Our technical team can help you realize it.

Do you have questions regarding our products?

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