NFL Super Bowl Map

Super Bowl LV, which will take place in Tampa on February 7, 2021, will oppose the Kansas City Chiefs to the Tampa Bay Buccaners. Despite the pandemic and the restrictions, this game will be remembered as a great sports moment of the year 2021, with two talented teams, a half-time concert by The Weeknd and many animations, as it is the case with all Super Bowls. That’s why CartoVista wanted to mark the event by offering you a map of football articulated around two main themes.

History of the Super Bowl and of the NFL

The first theme is quite classic, mapping the NFL teams in the United States, with their own colors, their jerseys, but also the number of participations and victories obtained in the history of the Super Bowl. There is also a map of all the Super Bowls in history, with a summary of the games, the score, the teams, the stadiums and even the MVPs of the game.

All in the game!

The other theme is much more focused on the game itself. Indeed, the CartoVista team has decided to represent a classic football team composition, with offensive and defensive players, and to offer you some key statistics for several positions (such as the number of successful passes for a Quarterback or the number of interceptions for defensive players). There is also an interesting section that offers an average of salaries by position, which allows you to see that the Quarterback is indeed the key position for a team, which is easily visible in relation to the salary they receive.

We wish you a good game and may the best win!


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