National Doughnut Day Map

It’s International Donut Day. It takes place every year on June 4th and it’s the perfect time to enjoy our favourite desserts with coffee, tea or even without any beverage! That’s why CartoVista decided to present you our donut map! It is colourful, sweet, round and delicious. We hope you will enjoy it. You will find two themes:

All the donuts of North America

This theme shows all the donut shops in Canada and the United States. It incorporates Tim Hortons, Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts. You will find the necessary information such as addresses, phone number or website. It’s now your turn to see where the nearest store is!

A donut heat map?

We even made a heat map to show you the most “donut” place in North America!
Enjoy your donuts!