International Women’s Day Map

International Women’s Day, recognized by the United Nations, is celebrated on March 8. It aims to fight for gender equality in the world. This year, CartoVista has decided to publish a map highlighting gender inequalities by focusing on 3 main themes:

Women and Politics

CartoVista looks at the percentage of women in parliaments and governments around the world and the year in which women obtained the right to vote.

Gender wage inequality

The gender wage gap clearly illustrates the economic inequalities that women suffer. CartoVista has also inserted the date of the “Equal Pay Day”, which shows from which day women work without pay until the end of the year (by tracking the wage gap).

Violence against women

These maps combine data on homicides against women (femicide) with women’s attitudes toward violence and justice around the world.
Women’s attitudes toward violence track the percentage of women aged 15-49 who consider violence justifiable in at least one of the following situations: bad cooking, arguing, neglecting children, refusing to have sex, and going out without telling their partner.
The index of the law protecting women is ranked from 0 to 1. The closer the number is to 0, the more women are protected by the law in cases of violence. The closer the number is to 1, the less protected they are by the law.


United Nations

Date of the datasets

Equal Pay Day (2019),
Homicides against women (2017),
Index of laws protecting women from violence (2019),
Wage Gap (2019),
Women in Government (2022)
Women in Parliament (2022),
Women’s attitudes toward violence (2019)