The year 2020 was highlighted by a Halloween at home. With the world returning to a bit of normality in the year 2021, it’s a good time to go out again and enjoy this great tradition. CartoVista has taken last year’s map, which combined 3 great Halloween classics, and even added a theme. Enjoy this sweet map, full of colors, horror movies and pumpkins! We wish you a “Happy Halloween 2021”.

New theme for 2021

This new theme introduces you to most of the traditions related to Halloween, the festival of the dead and the honour of ancestors in the world. You will find descriptions, photos and even links to discover this fascinating subject.

Enjoy a sweet Halloween!

The second theme represents the favourite candies of all the US states, with logos and colours reminding us of these candies that children and adults love. You will find the podium of the 3 favourite candies and even the calories that come with them, to remind you that they must be consumed in moderation!

A map that will terrorize you!

The third theme focuses on horror movies with a bloody representation. The celebration of Halloween is for many linked to this type of movie, and at CartoVista we wanted to scare you on this special day. 15 iconic horror movies are mapped according to their locations. You can even see photos by mousing over the logos to see these mystical locations.

Halloween = pumpkin

 Halloween wouldn’t really be Halloween without pumpkins, would it? That’s also what we think at CartoVista. That’s why we decided to create this third theme called #Pumpkin Accross the US. It shows the number of tweets containing the word “Pumpkin” per million tweets for all US states. Enjoy this very pumpkin-orange theme!

Happy Halloween 2021!