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  1. CVV-1242 - Added a button in responsive mode to return to the map once a panel has beened.
  2. CVV-1636 - Support DataEnum.IMAGE_URL.
  3. CVV-2964 - Territory Manager - New button to select all the blocks composing a territory.
  4. CVV-2978 - Geolocation tool.
  5. CVV-2991 - Redesign add thematic window.
  6. CVV-2992 - New color skins.
  7. CVV-2995 -  SUPPORT-350 - License key now support wildcard domain (e.g.: *.domain.com).
  8. CVV-3042 - New Search geocoder with Here Maps.
  9. CVV-3065 - New 'cumulative mode' on selection tool.
  10. CVV-3127 - Support mix of datatable local and non-tiled server layer.
  11. CVV-3131 -  SUPPORT-306 - Data column - New option to define where to position the unit.
  12. CVV-3164 -  SUPPORT-365 - Data view - Statistics exported as a new sheet.
  13. CVV-3166 - Image carousel now available in Info View.
  14. CVV-3167 - New Isochrone/Isodistance Tool.
  15. CVV-3186 - Support for WMS 1.3.0.


  1. CVV-1602 - Data table asynchronous load.
  2. CVV-2390 - Scalebar unit changes when value is below 2.
  3. CVV-2811 - SUPPORT-234 - Print layout: Creating a text by clicking or drawing a box enters in edit mode automatically.
  4. CVV-2898 - Add "Cancel" button in Redistricting Tool Setting Panel.
  5. CVV-2959 - Export Legend as PNG - Settings Icon not visible anymore.
  6. CVV-3050 - Print Layout title wrapped.
  7. CVV-3132 - SUPPORT-309 - Filters string comparison should ignore accents.
  8. CVV-3137 - Reduce number of calls sent to server when doing map rollover.
  9. CVV-3150 - VectorSourceServer should not call server when server layer is not tiled.


  1. CVV-1144 - Double tap with area tool or polygonal selection tool on mobile cause the map to zoom in.
  2. CVV-2087 - Unselect All tool should be grayed out when there is no active selection.
  3. CVV-2179 - Fixed problem in responsive mode where bottom buttons were falling on two lines.
  4. CVV-2552 - ThemeSet title containing a special character is not displayed properly in Viewer.
  5. CVV-2639 - N/A count not correct for server layers.
  6. CVV-2678 - UI problems when selecting from the legend.
  7. CVV-2711 - Bing Geocoder causes UI problem in Responsive Layout.
  8. CVV-2729 - Pressing the "." key or "-" on Keyboard Numpad does not enter decimal period/comma.
  9. CVV-2746 - Share popup is too wide for mobile.
  10. CVV-2756 - Text not stylized in opacity bar of the background color menu.
  11. CVV-2763 - Data grid selection not updated when selection is made from the map or the legend.
  12. CVV-2768 - Error when resizing browser while in print layout mode.
  13. CVV-2840 - Point position different when clusters are activated.
  14. CVV-2878 - Territory Manager - display a cursor when loading the users list.
  15. CVV-2909 - "Out of Ranges" class created but no feature can be found.
  16. CVV-2940 - Error changing column position in data grid.
  17. CVV-2949 - SUPPORT-286 - Heatmaps do not preserve the map distance.
  18. CVV-2950 - SUPPORT-292 Resolved - Cluster activated not enforced when exiting the force cluster scale zone.
  19. CVV-2971 - Stroke image is not displayed properly in the legend on the default theme set.
  20. CVV-2976 - Circular selection tool unit name is "meter" in French.
  21. CVV-2987 - Territory manager: when editing an existing scenario, the title of the ui should be adapted.
  22. CVV-2988 - Info tool not working on server layer.
  23. CVV-2989 - Ruler not working properly.
  24. CVV-2990 - Themes in Jenks on server layer drop multiple values.
  25. CVV-2999 - Drawing tools: selection of annotation does not work.
  26. CVV-3023 - SUPPORT-323 - Print button should be disabled for iOS and Mac Safari.
  27. CVV-3024 - SUPPORT-323 - Google Street View not working on iPad.
  28. CVV-3027 - Support two server data tables.
  29. CVV-3033 - Dataview refreshes its content when panning a map with a vector server layer even if nothing has changed.
  30. CVV-3045 - SUPPORT-337 - CartoVista height problem in firefox responsive mode.
  31. CVV-3052 - Map title repeated in print template.
  32. CVV-3053 - Legend lost in the Print Layout.
  33. CVV-3058 - Chart not updated properly when data filtered in the data table with check box.
  34. CVV-3073 - Print layout text editor: Lose selection text when clicking on text editor toolbar.
  35. CVV-3079 - Search on a vector server layer does not filter the list of entries.
  36. CVV-3080 - Selection on server layer causes unwanted behavior.
  37. CVV-3081 - Style should not be visible in legend if the style is not visible in the map.
  38. CVV-3082 - Error when using info tool on a point server layer.
  39. CVV-3087 - Incorrect font in charts' data tips.
  40. CVV-3088 - Cannot excel downloaded from data grid when columns titles are too long.
  41. CVV-3103 - Server Layer: Size Theme by Range shows N/A.
  42. CVV-3110 - Stats on string data column form server layer sometimes show -1 instead of N/A.
  43. CVV-3112 - Rollover uses same color for icon and background.
  44. CVV-3117 - General misbehavior of selection tools after pressing ESC on mouse down.
  45. CVV-3118 - Server layer - number of ranges changes should reflect immediately in the interface.
  46. CVV-3120 - Problem in console when filter is applied at loading time via themeset.
  47. CVV-3121 - Data Grid: clicking in blank zone above grid resets it to page 1.
  48. CVV-3125 - Date Container font in Print Template is quoted.
  49. CVV-3130 - SUPPORT-340 - Drawing tools should not select non-visible features.
  50. CVV-3145 - Image Symbol Roll Over image should display the image color.
  51. CVV-3146 - DateTime field only displaying the year.
  52. CVV-3151 - Point representation is cropped in the Info view.
  53. CVV-3160 - Problem with rounded MIN & MAX values in themes by gradient.
  54. CVV-3174 - Filter pop up dialog with a long list of individual value not shown properly.
  55. CVV-3177 - Jenks returns wrong range counts when using server layers.
  56. CVV-3178 - It should not be possible to add a chart placeholder if there is not more chart available.
  57. CVV-3184 - SUPPORT-374 - PDF created with CartoVista generate errors when used in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  58. CVV-3190 - SUPPORT-373 Resolved - Pie chart min max scheme not applied.
  59. CVV-3194 - Cannot export PDF from Print Template when copying text in text box.
  60. CVV-3199 - SUPPORT-375 Resolved - On long load of config files, font loading resources may prevent the ui from loading in some cases.
  61. CVV-3201 - The territory dropdown stays when clicking on an action.
  62. CVV-3210 - Missing symbol overlay in theme dialog.


  1. CVV-2574 - SDK: updating point coords does not move the point and label on the map.
  2. CVV-2844 - Be able to remove all features from a layer without passing a feature list.
  3. CVV-2928 - SDK: add a reload feature function.
  4. CVV-3119 - Trying to clone a PolygonSymbolizer with fillcolor1=null does not work.
  5. CVV-3141 - Add new functionnality of filtering to DataQuery without affecting the data displayed in the various window.
  6. CVV-3249 - DomUtil.removeClass can fail when classes have a common prefix.



  1. Added support for WMS 1.3.



  1. Fin du support de Windows XP.
  2. Fin du support de Windows Vista.
  3. Fin du support de Windows Server 2003.


  1. CVP-2321 - SUPPORT-209 - Add a Locate Main Folder for indicators (like we have for layers).
  2. CVP-3526 - Add "Add to Favorites" and "Remove from Favorites" to coordinate system picker dialog.
  3. CVP-3818 - WMS configuration data format.
  4. CVP-3984 - Add support for SpatiaLite file.
  5. CVP-4111 - Add Nokia HERE map tile provider.
  6. CVP-4240 - Allow a portal layer to be <relocated> to a URL that a user can specify.
  7. CVP-4700 - Add options for Big Tiles processing within the Tile Generator.
  8. CVP-4742 - New IMAGE_URL data type.
  9. CVP-4770 - New search geocoder option using Here maps available in the Viewer Configuration dialog.
  10. CVP-4795 - New cumulative selection mode option.
  11. CVP-4730 - New Viewer Color Theme selection.
  12. CVP-4870 - SUPPORT-306 - Data unit placement option.
  13. CVP-4875 - SUPPORT-321 - Multipoint support.
  14. CVP-4890 - Start-up Page.
  15. CVP-4950 - New Isochrone/Isodistance map tool.


  1. CVP-3680 - Be able to drag and drop the Tile Provider from the layer control of the map to the Map Source Manager.
  2. CVP-4237 - Improved handling of error when trying to set Unique Key on CSV file.
  3. CVP-4307 - Gray out some extended label properties.
  4. CVP-4309 - Remove Max and Min Font Size options (Extended Label properties).
  5. CVP-4321 - Precision and data rounding properties should not be available for data type integer and octet.
  6. CVP-4342 - Update style class list after locating the layer.
  7. CVP-4468 - Improved thumbnail dialog.
  8. CVP-4600 - WMS Layer: Manage projection mismatch.
  9. CVP-4678 - Improve launching time when Publisher is connected to multiple portals.
  10. CVP-4679 - Tile Generator - Improved memory allocation.
  11. CVP-4690 - Include a default localhost Viewer licence key in the Publisher.
  12. CVP-4724 - Removed flash/html choice when creating a map with drag and drop.
  13. CVP-4726 - Creating a new map should publish to default path everytime.
  14. CVP-4788 - Changes made on server layers Server-side should be handled properly on the Publisher side.
  15. CVP-4824 - Removed 'format' field from layer properties for HTML maps only.
  16. CVP-4834 - Updated Tile Provider URL for IGN.
  17. CVP-4876 - Define blend mode multiply as default blend mode on polygon layer.
  18. CVP-4889 - Locating a DB3 layer from CTM now supported.
  19. CVP-4918 - Removed option 'Publish Simplified Configuration File' from preference.
  20. CVP-4960 - Improved error message in case of invalid license.
  21. CVP-4963 - SUPPORT-372 - Changed all data-cv-attribute to lowercase.


  1. CVP-2449 - SUPPORT-217 - Packaged map cannot publish because of image point file missing.
  2. CVP-3646 - Montserrat Font does not get published in HTML.
  3. CVP-3994 - Temp folder settings still in publish options if error happens in Theme Configuration Window.
  4. CVP-4023 - Some annotations with specific fonts do not show properly.
  5. CVP-4062 - Wrong identification of new style classes in the layer control.
  6. CVP-4068 - Cannot xlsx file.
  7. CVP-4074 - Output image not correctly georeferenced.
  8. CVP-4112 - SUPPORT-134 - SUPPORT-138 - HTML Map Data Attribute get mixed when table not packed.
  9. CVP-4165 - Problems when relocating a layer with Auto-Generate ID set on.
  10. CVP-4263 - Cannot use a cvm with theme sets after converting it from html to flash.
  11. CVP-4271 - Fatal error accessing the print template dialog and theme configuration dialog.
  12. CVP-4296 - Data table url still report .xml even if file is published in the new json format.
  13. CVP-4339 - CoordSys error when trying to localize SHX file.
  14. CVP-4364 - Packaging a CTM do not export all the Fonts in use.
  15. CVP-4373 - SUPPORT-205 - Publishing map get stuck at 19% because of woff font creation.
  16. CVP-4547 - SUPPORT-252 - All Viewer Keys were lost when updating the Publisher.
  17. CVP-4549 -  SUPPORT-219 - SUPPORT-253 - Saving Coordsys File throws error and prevents Publisher from starting again.
  18. CVP-4586 - Publisher shall not generate json files for vector server layers.
  19. CVP-4589 - Data table format option not visible when accessing Data Publisher the first time.
  20. CVP-4615 - Removing a map source from the Map Source manager removes all other occurence of the same map file.
  21. CVP-4646 - Publishing Mapinfo annotations sometimes gives Task cancelled Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.
  22. CVP-4652 - Problem publishing ESRI Personal GeoDatabase mdb in HTML.
  23. CVP-4661 - SUPPORT-294 - Geocode Tool is not keeping the lat long precision in the data table.
  24. CVP-4663 - SQL server layer fails to load thematics configuration window.
  25. CVP-4665 - Wrong icons used in the data sources - database.
  26. CVP-4686 - JPG2000 images cannot be tiled.
  27. CVP-4705 - Personal Geodatase cause the Renderer to crash.
  28. CVP-4723 - SUPPORT-214 - SUPPORT-219 - SUPPORT-318 - Corrupted CoordinateSystemLib.cvpCSYSLib prevents theing of the Publisher.
  29. CVP-4745 - Thumbnail snapshot/capture is empty/blank.
  30. CVP-4753 - File GDB format is not working properly in the Publisher.
  31. CVP-4759 - Processes still running after closing application.
  32. CVP-4761 - Requesting server layer's field value for style classes throws error.
  33. CVP-4769 - WMS layer properties :  ampersand not supported.
  34. CVP-4796 - List of portal layers in the map file source manager does not show sources that have the same name on the portal.
  35. CVP-4811 - PortalMapFileLibrary.cvpMapFileLib gets corrupted.
  36. CVP-4820 - Thumbnail, theme configuration and print configuration dialogs should not be resizable under Viewer responsive threshold.
  37. CVP-4863 - Updating server layer on a CVM lost all the data/interactivity.
  38. CVP-4866 - Map does not load if window is resized in Theme Configuration.
  39. CVP-4869 - SUPPORT-316 - Cannot browse data when a data column is of type long integer.
  40. CVP-4881 - SUPPORT-364 - Accentuated letter from shapefile not displayed within the Publisher.
  41. CVP-4888 - Package zip of a map seems to contain twice the gis layer.
  42. CVP-4897 - SQL Server layer does not show french characters properly in the datatip/info in the Viewer.
  43. CVP-4903 - Map source manager should by default on first Publisher installation.
  44. CVP-4906 - SUPPORT-367 - SQL Server layer failed to have working thematic data.
  45. CVP-4914 - Cannot apply multiple style to a db3 file from the map source manager.
  46. CVP-4917 - Impossible to load a MDB.
  47. CVP-4937 - Impossible to load CSV file in Data Source Manager.
  48. CVP-4957 - WMS publication error.
  49. CVP-4975 - Deleting layers does not remove themeset / themes / data view categories associated to them.