Create smart data binding with live web services

CartoVista was built from the ground up to bind data and integrate external information. Create smart links to your live data sources and get your data connected.

Connected (live) data

Are your users requesting current data? You can easily connect your CartoVista layers directly to a live data source and enable instant data updates. As data becomes available, it can then be mapped by your end users on-the-fly.

Leverage live web services

If you have geospatial data available in web services, it is possible to use it directly in CartoVista.

The CartoVista viewer supports the following OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) standards: 

  • Web Map Service (WMS)

  • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) 

CartoVista also includes other types of commercial web service API calls that are useful in the context of web mapping:

  • Bing Maps geocoding and routing requests

  • HERE maps geocoding, routing and isochrone/isoline requests 


Live Web Services

With the CartoVista Software Development Kit (SDK), it is also possible to connect to other common geospatial services like ESRI ArcGIS Services (REST).

Unlimited data binding

CartoVista leverages advanced vector data binding techniques to link an unlimited number of indicators to your geographies. If you work with demographic information or data that is attached to standard geographic areas (such as postal codes or census data), then you can create an unlimited number of variables.

Unlimited Data Binding

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