Reach non-GIS users with responsive web maps

Give your users multiple thematic maps at the click of a button. Give them the data views they need at their fingertips. Create outstanding maps that have an edge.

Rich thematic analysis

CartoVista was designed to integrate and present multiple dynamic thematic analyses on the same map. These “themes” can be created from multiple map layers. CartoVista makes it simple and straightforward to switch from one theme to another.
Rich Thematic Analysis

Build themes for your users, make it simpler for them

Choose your map layer and create impactful themes from your data using color, size, symbols, etc. Give it a name and save it so that your end users can easily access specific views.
Build Themes for Users

Organize your themes presentation

Allow the user to switch from one subject to another by the click of a mouse with the tree view UI.
Organize Theme Presentation

Allow your users to self-serve and share

Go beyond and allow your users to self-serve and create their own analysis. Each analysis can be configured easily with the map legend control. Users can also save their session and share it with other users.
Self Serve for Users

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