Leverage interactive charts

Create remarkable maps that showcase your data with interactive charts. Show your data graphically and allow users to discover the information behind the data.

Interactive charts

CartoVista charts are designed to be synchronized with your map data. When mousing over a chart item, a datatip is displayed on the chart, and the corresponding map feature is highlighted on the map. Charts can also update when the selection changes.

Interactive Charts

Column charts

Column charts help you easily compare your map’s numerical values. You can interact with column charts:

  • With mouse over:  Datatip shows the chart data and highlights feature

  • On click:  Zooms to the associated map feature

Column Charts

Pie charts

 Pie charts are useful to compare values for different categories of information. They can be created from string columns or multiple numeric columns. When you mouse over the pie chart, a datatip shows the pie value (%) and highlights the associated features on the map.

Pie Charts

Add custom charts

CartoVista allows you to create placeholders for your charts and add custom charts. You can add any of the following:

  • Column chart

  • Pie chart

  • Area chart

  • Line chart

  • Scatter chart

Custom Charts

Customizable chart settings

With the chart panel, you can precisely control how charts are rendered:

Customizable Chart Settings
  • Configure colors

  • Sort values

  • Link chart with selection

  • Choose aggregate/stack options

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