Leverage existing map tiles in any projection

Choose an appropriate base map from multiple tile providers to get your web mapping projects deployed quickly and easily.

Spherical Mercator & Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)

CartoVista supports tile layers available in the popular spherical world Mercator projection. You can connect to web map tile services (WMTS) by simply entering the service URL.

Spherical Mercator Web Map Tile Service-WMTS

Existing Tile Providers

Don’t reinvent the wheel, use existing map providers to help you publish your maps faster.

Map providers include:

  • ESRI

  • Microsoft Bing

  • HERE maps

  • CartoVista/CloudVista

  • OpenStreetMap

  • MapBox

  • Tile cache 

Existing Tile Providers

Multiple Tile Providers in a map

Publish your map with multiple tile providers as the base map to help the user choose the provider they want.

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