Lightning-fast vector maps designed with the best of HTML5

Fast access to data is crucial for business decisions and communication. Revolutionize access to your data by creating impressive vector maps.

Faster vector maps


HTML5 provides a rich framework to display GIS data, directly in your web browser. CartoVista takes advantage of vector data formats like JSON to render your map data client-side. Using spatial indexing techniques, it is possible to display thousands of interactive features on your maps.

  • Multiple interactive layers
  • Vector rendering
  • JSON/XML based
  • Large number of objects

Better user experience

HTML5 technologies come with a stack of web components that define a high- quality visualization experience. You can benefit from charts, data tables and interactive components to go beyond a “plain” web map

  • Charts

  • Data tables

  • Legend

  • Layer control

  • Map toolbars

  • Search tools

  • Etc.


Superb rendering options


The HTML5 standard includes great rendering techniques that can really make your GIS data shine. With CartoVista you can apply high-quality styling options to your map layers and features and create distinctive web maps.

  • Opacity

  • Layer blend modes

  • Drop shadows

  • Inner and outer glows

  • Patterns

  • Etc.

HTML5 maps are easy to work with

HTML5 is an open format that is easy to understand.
  • Human readable

  • Platform neutral

  • Can be embedded easily (HTML <div>)

  • Can interact with html content (multimedia, etc.)

  • Can be deployed on any web server


Full Mobile Support


The HTML5 standard is well supported on all web browsers, smartphones and tablets. You can visualize your map with consistency and reach mobile users with a responsive version of your web maps without writing a single line of code.

  • Desktop (web)

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Etc.

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