Enhance the user experience with rich feature interactions

Highlight key spatial information on your maps with interactive feature events (rollover, datatips, etc.) to help users comprehend complex data.


With vector based features, CartoVista maps respond to mouse over gestures. When you mouse over a polygon, a drop shadow is displayed outlining the shape. You can also configure the event to change the color of the feature. These rollover effects are very useful for displaying complex spatial data (overlapping polygons) and allow the user to better interpret your maps.

Data highlights

When you mouse over a map feature, an event is fired in the CartoVista viewer and all corresponding controls update to highlight the corresponding:

  • Row(s) in a data table

  • Item(s) in the legend

  • Item(s) in the chart 

Data highlights


Configure your map layers to display datatips as your users mouseover your map layer. You can configure which fields are displayed as well as the order they appear in the datatip.


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