Empower your users to analyze and access data

Help your users discover, inspect, filter and select data with intuitive web tools. View data distributions and statistics while allowing users to find and extract the information they need.

Information tool

Empower your users with clickable map features to get all the associated attribute information in one go. Allow them to configure and choose which columns are displayed.


Selection tools

CartoVista includes advanced selection tools to analyze data. Select features from the map (direct selection, circular, rectangular, polygonal), legend, chart or data table. Choose which columns are displayed in the table view.


Chart (selection)

Charts can be connected to selection events and update their content as the selection changes. This is very useful when comparing values and visualizing aggregate data.


Data table filters

Users can define multiple data filters usinexpressions (>,<,=, etc.) and show the results immediately on the map.


Data table statistics

The statistics tab provides details on the entire table or selection (min, max, average, count, etc.).


Download data as Microsoft Excel

Allow users to download the map data as an Excel spreadsheet.


Copy to clipboard

Empower users to copy the data or information view to the clipboard.

Copy to Clipboard

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