Use effective data tables

Create unique maps that expose your data with interactive tables. Display the underlying map data clearly for your end users.

Interactive data tables

Data tables allow you to understand your map data better. Many options are available to sort, filter and export data.

Choosing columns

The columns displayed in the data table can be conveniently configured.

Choosing Columns

Use of colors

Data tables and charts in CartoVista are optimized to ensure that you can make simple associations with the thematic analysis displayed. Numeric values are displayed in data tables with color gradients to provide the ability to compare values easily.


The data tables include powerful Excel-like filtering capabilities to perform analysis on your data. You can filter using specific values or by entering expressions (for numeric columns). Filtering from multiple columns is very powerful to analyze data while showing the results on the map quickly.

Data Filtering

Sorting, reordering and resizing column(s)

You can sort records in the table by simply clicking on the column title. You can resize the column width or change the column order by dragging & dropping.

Sorting, Reordering, Resizing Columns

Selecting records

You can readily click on data rows to select one or more map features.

Selecting Records

View data statistics

The data table offers the option to include standard statistics (sum, average, min, max, etc.). Statistics are available for the entire dataset or the selected records.

View Data Statistics

Download data as Microsoft Excel

The Data table allows users to download the map data as an Excel spreadsheet.

Download Data as Microsoft Excel

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