Create drive-time isochrone analysis

Choose the transportation mode, departure time to add drivetime polygons to your map from a specific location (via HERE Maps). Compare different scenarios on the same map.

Isochrone / Isodistance

Create polygons representing locations that can be reached in a specific time (isochrone) or distance (isodistance) from a specific point on the map.

Transportation mode, traffic and departure time

The choice of transportation mode has an impact on the calculation, whether you are choosing a car, a truck or walking. The road traffic also has an impact if you specify a specific departure time.

Isochrones - Transportation Mode and Options

Multiple Isochrones/Isodistances

You can generate multiple zones at once by typing multiple periods of time or different distances, separated by commas. The tool allows you to represent these areas using a wide variety of color palettes.

Multiple Isochrones

Spatial Intersection

Associate the drive time polygons to your data using the spatial intersection tool. Get a list of all objects within a specific area.

Spatial Intersection

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