Create maps straight from your GIS data

Use your existing GIS data (Shapefiles, map tiles, etc.) to create high-quality web maps. Configure your data and publish it in just a few seconds.

Use vector GIS data files

Leverage your existing vector data in common GIS formats. Drag and drop to create your map easily.

Spatial vector data formats support includes:


  • ESRI Shape Files (.shp)

  • ESRI Personal Geodatabase (.mdb)

  • ESRI File Geodatabase (.gdb)

  • MapInfo Tables (.tab)

  • Keyhole Markup Language (.kml, .kmz)

  • SQLite (.db3, .sqlite), etc.

Use vector GIS RDBMS data


Directly use GIS data stored in a geospatial relational database management system.

Geospatial RDBMS support includes:


  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS Version 8 or later

  • Microsoft SQL Server Version 2008 or later

  • Oracle Spatial Version 10 or later

Geospatial RDBMS Support

Use GIS raster data

Use raster imagery/data as map layers or as content for your base map (tiles). Raster data format support includes:

  • Tagged Image File Format (.tiff, .geotiff)

  • Windows Bitmat Format (.bmp)

  • Portable Network Graphics (.png)

  • Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)

  • Joint Photographic Expert Group Format (.jpeg)

  • Joint Photographic Expert Group 2000 Format (.jpeg2000)

  • Enhanced Compression Wavelet (.ecw)

  • MrSID (.sid), etc. 

Leverage existing tile providers/web map tile services (WMTS)

Integrate one or more existing map tile providers to deploy your projects faster. CartoVista supports tile layers in any coordinate system, including the popular spherical world Mercator. Easily add any web map tile service by simply entering the service URL.

Sample of tile providers available:


  • ESRI

  • Microsoft Bing

  • HERE maps

  • CartoVista/CloudVista

  • OpenStreetMap

  • MapBox

  • TileCache

Leverage Existing Tile Providers and Web Map Tile Services (WMTS)

Configure layer properties

Setup your layer properties (style, data, etc.) easily and configure the layer interactivity (datatips, info & data view, searching, etc.).

Configure Layer Properties

Publish your map

Publish your maps in a few seconds and deploy it on any web server by simply copying files or use the CartoVista server to organize your maps in an elegant map gallery.

Publish New Map

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