Fully control the UI/UX

Don’t write a single line of code. Benefit from more than 100 options to help you define the user interface and tools you need (panels, notices, metadata, scalebar, zoombar, overview map, etc.).

Map toolbars

The CartoVista map toolbars can include over 30 different built-in map tools. Using the CartoVista publisher, you can easily choose which tools should be included in your map. You can keep your maps extremely simple with fewer options or offer unlimited flexibility with access to several tools depending on your audience.

Map Toolbars

Map controls

Several standard map controls are available to simplify the map navigation and presentation:

  • Zoom bar

  • Scalebar

  • Overview map

  • North arrow

  • Map notices

  • Metadata

Map controls

UI elements

 You can choose the UI elements that should be included in your map:

Interactive Map, Table, Chart and Legend
  • Resizable panels (data, chart, search, info, etc.)

  • Menus and controls (settings, top bar, etc.)

Selection/rollover styles

Enhance the user experience and define the fill and color used to show selections (opacity) and rollover effects (stroke or outer glow).


The CartoVista user interface is available in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. Deploy with multiple languages and allow end users to choose their language of choice.

Go beyond …

With the CartoVista Software Development Kit, CartoVista becomes an open-ended solution. You can use the SDK to develop a custom interface easily. All you need is JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.


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