Make your data beautiful with photoshop-like effects

Use great cartographic options for your layers (e.g. drop shadow, outer glow, blend mode, etc.) and prepare better looking distinctive web maps.

Layer blend mode and opacity

The layer blend mode gives you precise control over how your layers are blending together on your web map. For example, you can use the multiply blend mode to “see through” your polygon layers and display the base map details with clarity.

Layer Blend Mode and Opacity

Supported blend modes: 

  • Normal

  • Multiply

  • Screen

  • Lighten

  • Overlay

  • Hard Light 

  • In addition to blend modes, you can also control the opacity (%) of each map layer.

Layer style effects

Use great styling options for your layers including drop shadows, outer glows and inner glows).

Each effect can be configured with options:

  • Effect color

  • Opacity

  • Size (Px)

  • Strength (%)

  • Distance (Px)

  • Angle (˚)

Layer Styling

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