Annotate & draw on the map

Add objects with the drawing toolbar (text, line, polygons, etc.) easily on the map. Save and share annotations between users.

Drawing and Annotation Toolbar

Create features (points, lines, polygon, ellipse, rectangle) or add annotations (text) directly on the map with precise control.

Drawing / Annotation Tools

Modify feature shape

When features are selected, they are displayed with a gray selection frame. It is then possible to either:

  • Move the selected feature by dragging and dropping

  • Use the square handles of the selection frame to resize the feature.

  • Use the circle handle at the top of the selection frame to apply a rotation.

Modify Feature Shape

Node editing

Users can double-click on a selected polyline or polygon to modify its shape. The shape’s nodes are displayed using squares. You can move a node by dragging and dropping or by adding new nodes.

Node Editing

Edit feature properties (attributes and styles)

The drawing and annotation panel allows you to edit a feature’s styles and attributes. It is possible to control several properties such as opacity, fill, color, size, etc.

Edit Feature Properties

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