Eurovision Map

The Eurovision music contest, known for its colours, glitter and glamour, is back after two years of interruption due to the current pandemic. The 2021 edition will take place in Rotterdam, Netherlands. For the occasion, CartoVista has decided to create a map divided into three themes so that you can follow this event at home.

Edition 2021

The first theme focuses on the 2021 edition. You will find some pictures and hyperlinks to discover the songs from all the countries participating in this edition. Just click on the “hyperlink” tool and on the country to listen to the song of your favourite artist.

Host cities

The other two themes focus on the history of this event, with a map with orange concentric circles highlighting the host cities.

Last results

The last theme shows the results of the contest, with the victories won by each country, represented by purple circles.

We wish you a great Eurovision 2021, and may the best win!

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