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The global inflation crisis has not spared energy prices in many parts of the world. In this winter period, the CartoVista team has taken an interest in the prices and consumption of electricity and other types of energy.

We have combined various sources to give you meaningful insights into energy production, demands and prices.

Electricity Prices and Demand

First, we’ve put the focus on electricity. In the first slide, we present the electricity prices for households in June 2022 by colour, and the electricity demand per capita by proportional circles. We can clearly see that Europe stands out with much higher prices, up to 0.54$ per kWh for Germany. The War in Ukraine has had a severe impact on energy prices in Europe with the cut of Russian gas supplies.

Energy Map | Electricity Prices

Electricity Prices Evolution in Europe

We then zoom in on Europe and price evolution. We are showing here the price as proportional circles and the yearly evolution from 2021 S1 to 2022 S1.

You can also use the table view below to see how prices evolved over time from 2017. 

Greece has faced the highest increase with a +96.35% increase: the prices rose from 0.1305€/kWh in 2021 to 0.3118€/kWh in 2022!

Electricity Sources and Demand

To give a little bit of context as to how Electricity is produced all over the world, we’ve decided to look at the energy sources.

What you can see in this third slide is the proportion of each type of source (Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Oil and Renewable energies) for each country. We can see that some countries have very diverse sources such as the United States, while others rely mostly on one single source to generate electricity (Gulf countries rely mostly on gas for instance). 

The size of each circle represents the total kWh per capita generated in each country.

Now, electricity generation does not necessarily matches the demand for electricity. The colour of each country shows whether they have a high or low demand for electricity.

Natural Gas and Oil Consumption per capita and prices

Natural Gas

Of course, electricity is not the only energy source we use! We have chosen to explore Natural Gas Consumption (per capita) and prices in June 2022.

Again, prices are much higher in Europe (0.37 $/litre in the Netherlands), but Brazilian households also face high prices (although not as high: 0.21 $/litre).

In terms of consumption per capitaGulf countries and mainly Qatar have very high rates. We saw in the previous slide that these countries rely mostly on gas to generate their electricity.


As a final example, we will look at oil. When available, January 2023 data for Europe shows again high prices (2.27 $/litre in Spain). But others in the world also face very high prices, such as Uganda and New Zealand (2.04 and 2.06 $/litre resp.).

As for oil consumption per capita, we can see that Singapore has extremely high values with more than 137,000 kWh per capita! Gulf countries also show high rates, but at a lower scale, with approximately 50,000 kWh per capita.

Check out our data sources to know more about energy data: GlobalPetrolPrices, Our World in Data, and Eurostats.

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