CartoVista Viewer

Visualize your data easily with interactive maps.

Take advantage of your strategic data with highly interactive thematic analyses. The CartoVista Viewer empowers you to take advantage of the geographic dimension in your data. With its fast display and high level of flexibility, it offers a unique visualization experience.

Fast and Effective Map Rendering.


Fast access to your data is crucial for business decisions and communication: Revolutionize the access to your data.

  • Navigate seamlessly and with precision in your maps.
  • Display thousands of interactive features on your maps.
  • Present rich interactions with your data (e.g. rollover, data-tips).

Advanced Thematic Capabilities.


An interactive map is worth a million words: Transform your complex data into something visual and straightforward.

  • Create efficient themes for your data using color, size, symbols, etc. to make your data shine.
  • Create story boards, compare multiple indicators
  • Allow your users to customize the settings to better understand your data.

Interactive Selection, Tables and Charts.


Interaction facilitates comprehension: Discover your data’s hidden meaning.

  • Use simple tools to select data and view key statistics.
  • Display meaningful charts to compare values and visualize data distributions.
  • Select features from the map, legend, chart or data table

Dynamic and Intelligent Data Binding.


Our world is changing, every second: connect with strategic data in real-time.

  • Track business data changes with real time update.
  • Directly access your centrally stored data.
  • Interact graphically with your end users.

A multi-platform solution: HTML5 and Mobile…


Leverage the web and deploy easily.

  • Visualize with consistency across all web browsers, smart phones and tablets
  • Publish and share your maps within your own IT infrastructure with ease
  • Integrate your maps in your HTML content or simply go further with the CartoVista SDK.

The CartoVista Viewer in Action

The CartoVista Viewer includes advanced thematic mapping capabilities to visualize any map-related data. It has a comprehensive collection of interactive controls that allow the user to perform advanced thematic analysis and display strategic data in innovative and meaningful ways.

The CartoVista Viewer enables the display of your key business indicators (link to CartoVista Business) using user-friendly, interactive thematics. With a few mouse clicks, you can create colorful and powerful thematic maps to visualize and identify patterns and trends in your data.

The analysis capabilities of the CartoVista Viewer help you to compare data values graphically. With the CartoVista Viewer, the user can create dynamic thematic analyses on the fly and have full control over the styles settings (colors, symbols, number of ranges, etc.).




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CartoVista Server:

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CartoVista SDK:

Completely Customize the Interface and Create Your Own Applications

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