CartoVista Server

Deploy your Maps Easily, Manage and Integrate Large Datasets

The CartoVista Server is a rich web portal where you can publish your maps easily and reach your users online.

CartoVista Web Portal Interface

Deploy With Ease

Centralize your Projects and Data in a Sophisticated Web Portal.

The CartoVista server features a geo-portal interface where you can centralize your data and maps. Its rich interface allows to organize your data, manage end users and setup secure access.

Leverage Large Datasets

Integrate and Update Complex Data with Ease

The CartoVista server includes advanced data management tools for vector/raster data as well as non-geospatial data. You can upload or update/edit existing data, enabling rich visualization in the CartoVista Viewer. 

CartoVista - Integrate Large Datasets
CartoVista REST API

Automate Data Updates

Connect your Corporate Data and Enable Automatic Updates

The CartoVista Server includes a standard REST API to create or update map layers, allowing you to easily automate your data updates and keep your strategic data in sync.

Manage Users and Data Access

The CartoVista server features a unique geo-portal interface where you can centralize your data and maps. Its rich interface allows to organize your data, manage end users, and control the access to your maps.

Integrating via drag and drop both geospatial and non-geospatial data, the CartoVista Server supports a much larger volume of data for display in the CartoVista Viewer. For example, you can upload ESRI Shapefiles, link Excel Spreadsheets or send a Raster Geotiff timeseries, enabling rich visualization capabilities for your end users.

Managing Data and Users
Simplify Complex Data

Simplify Complex Data

Your company works with large data or corporate datasets that are complex? The CartoVista Server allows you to manage it and most importantly, visualize it.

  • Manage layers that can contain millions of features.
  • Transform your complex data into simple representations.
  • Setup layers that can be shared across several maps
  • Easily link data tables (e.g. Excel) to your layers
  • Centralize data and setup appropriate view permissions
  • Automate data transfers with the REST API

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Organize your Maps and Projects

Users can’t find your maps easily? You need to organize your projects? Simplify your user’s tasks with the CartoVista Server.

  • Publish your maps directly to your portal in minutes
  • Give a title to your maps, associate keywords and manage access rights.
  • Facilitate the consultation by allowing your users to search for specific maps (e.g. author, keywords, date, etc.).
  • Customize the interface and its look and feel, setup your own branding
  • Get statistics on usage

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Organize Maps and Data
Reach and Engage with End Users

Reach and Engage with End Users

Your users deserve sophisticated maps and web tools to discover, filter and extract the information they need.

  • Create outstanding responsive maps that have an edge.
  • Enable users to save and share their sessions
  • Give your users multiple thematic maps at their fingertips
  • Allow your users to self-serve and share
  • Deploy maps that works perfectly on all smartphones and tablets

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The CartoVista Server in Details

Deployment Options

The CartoVista Server can be hosted for you in the cloud. The benefit of cloud hosting in that it is faster to get going and you get automatic updates as well as enhanced performance.

If you want to install the CartoVista Server on premise, it is also possible. The following environment is required:

  • Web Server: Microsoft Windows Server 2016+
  • Database: Microsoft SQLServer 2016+ or PostgreSQL/PostGIS 11+


  • CartoVista recommends to setup two distinct servers for the web application and the database.
  • The CartoVista Server can also connect to your own ActiveDirectory (AD). Leveraging your existing security system is ideal and allows your end users to benefit from a single-sign-on experience.

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