CartoVista Components

Make your projects come true in just a few clicks.

Whether you are publishing maps for the public or sharing your business data internally, you will enjoy the full range of CartoVista components to achieve your results. We offer sophisticated tools that will help you build content that has an impact.

CartoVista Viewer

Visualize your Data with Interactive Maps

The CartoVista Viewer is at the center of our solution. You can use it to examine your data and create relevant analyses with just a few clicks. Designed with HTML5, the Viewer is fast and easy to use. 


CartoVista Publisher

Easily Publish your Data using Interactive Maps 

Would you like to make maps quickly? Produce your own maps with styles to suit your needs! In just a few minutes you can create high quality interactive maps using GIS data and existing databases. The CartoVista Publisher offers you the ability to work effectively and autonomously at your own desk to maximize the effectiveness of your data. 


CartoVista Server

Deploy your Maps Easily, Manage and Integrate Large Datasets

The CartoVista server features a geo-portal interface where you can centralize your data and maps. Its rich interface allows to organize your data, manage end users and setup secure access. You can integrate complex vector/raster data as well as non-geospatial data. You can upload or update/edit existing data, enabling rich visualization in the CartoVista Viewer.


CartoVista SDK

 Create Custom Web Mapping Applications

For developers, the CartoVista Software Development Kit (SDK) opens all the doors. Personalize CartoVista to the maximum, create new interfaces, develop multi-platform mobile versions, alter the map’s components: the only limit of the CartoVista SDK is your imagination. 


Territory Manager

 Explore Business Potential

CartoVista’s Territory Manager is your geomarketing tool of choice when it comes time to expand your franchise network and be more successful in your prospection. It allows you to create balanced territories using your own business information combined with key market data (demographic, industry, competition, etc.) Prepare persuasive market reports for franchises in your network.


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