CartoVista is a real discovery for us. Their world class team and degree of expertise have greatly impressed us. Our dynamic data wall project is central to our office, and absolutely met our expectations thanks to the work from CartoVista.

Richard Legault Executive Chairman, Brookfield Renewable Photo: Richard Legault

CartoVista’s Competitive Advantages

Hard to make an informed choice? Let us explain why the CartoVista solution is the most optimal data analysis and visualization solution on the market.   



Cartographic Rendering
  • Average Rendering
  • Slow
  • High quality rendering
  • Fast
  • Complex
  • Very easy
Thematic Analyses
  • Limited to a single layer or a single variable
  • Customization is limited and difficult
  • Unlimited: Multiple layers and multiple representations
  • 100% customizable
  • Non-existent or very limited
  • Fully interactive: selections, tables, graphs etc.
  • Limited support
  • Full support (web and mobile HTML5)