Gatineau, April 21st, 2016. – DBx GEOMATICS is now officially CartoVista and has launched its new corporate branding. This April 21st, at an event hosted at 30 Victoria St, Gatineau, CartoVista unveiled its new look and the latest version of its software solution, CartoVista 5.5 before more than 200 guests. The CartoVista solution, after months of hard work, is now ready for great commercial success.  

  • DBx GEOMATICS will now proudly take on the name CartoVista;
  • CartoVista specializes in data visualization and analysis using interactive maps;
  • New visual identity, new logo, new website (;
  • CartoVista offers two unique solutions, tailored to the needs of its customers: CartoVista Business and CartoVista Connect;
  • CartoVista Business provides businesses with the power to see, understand and take control of their data through visual analysis (e.g. understand sales territories; identify opportunities) in order to make better business decisions.
  • CartoVista Connect enables businesses to share information on public websites. The geographical component inherent to most data facilitates access and simplifies messages.
  • Version 5.5 adds new options for further data visualization and analysis:
    • Point Aggregation eliminates visual crowding by displaying point data more efficiently;
    • The CartoVista Server allows you to manage and view millions of records;
    • The spatial selection tool connects data on different layers together visually;
    • The drawing and annotation tools allows you to customize maps by adding your own content;
    • The new print module allows you to create customized print layouts;
    • For developers, the Software Development Kit (“SDK”) offers unique opportunities to think outside the box (e.g. animations & customization). 


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