Gatineau, March 23, 2017 – CartoVista is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new interactive map containing the very first 2016 Census Program data from Statistics Canada. The map of Quebec municipalities includes population count, dwelling count, private dwelling occupation count and their change from the previous census in 2011. 

With this data, users can explore variations at the municipal level and obtain a better understanding of the changes within the population of the Province of Quebec that have occurred since the previous census.

The CartoVista Viewer allows users to easily adjust the map’s styles to ensure easy comprehension and to highlight specific information, such as municipalities with the highest population change. The Viewer’s interactivity also automatically shows an info pop-up as the mouse moves over each municipality.

CartoVista offers a simple and effective system to publish and analyze demographic data for responsible management of land and social issues. CartoVista will update this map to reveal more data from the 2016 Census Program as it becomes available from Statistics Canada.

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