From left to right : Juan Morado, Dany Bouchard and Alfredo Gonzales.
From left to right : Juan Morado, Dany Bouchard and Alfredo Gonzales.

Gatineau, June 27, 2017—CartoVista is proud to announce the establishment of a new partnership agreement with ITSmartS; a Mexican company specialized in Information Technologies (IT) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This new business partnership allows CartoVista to continue its North American ascent and gives ITSmartS the title of a CartoVista software reseller on Mexican soil.

ITSmartS is well established in Mexico with offices in Mexico City, the country’s capital, and in León, located in the state of Guanajuato, right in the middle of the country. The company offers GIS solutions with the aim of improving operational management of businesses and maximizing their efficiency. ITSmartS has carved out a significant niche in the field of geomatics in Mexico. As for CartoVista, a data visualization business solution specializing in interactive web mapping, it’s one of the world leaders in its field. Always at the forefront, CartoVista designs innovative technological products that allow in-depth analyzes to be carried out thereby responding to business and communication problems encountered by many industries.

By integrating CartoVista solution with its existing technologies, ITSmartS is able to innovate and offer its clients, through the use of the Web, new publication, sharing and data visualization tools and services. CartoVista is a real breath of fresh air for the Mexican company’s clients and offers a great ability to interact with the data. It’s a truly innovative visualization solution that will allow ITSmartS to entice new customers and expand its market.

“We are very pleased to continue our expansion and improve our position in North America thanks to this partnership agreement with an experienced company like ITSmartS” declares Dany Bouchard, CartoVista President. According to him, Mexico is an emerging market, which is very appealing in terms of GIS. Furthermore, Mr. Bouchard claims that CartoVista has many points in common with its new business partner, who has an excellent understanding of its clients’ needs all while being goal orientated. “CartoVista’s development on Mexican soil is proving extremely fruitful because it relies on an established customer base and a solid technological foundation” concludes Mr. Bouchard.

GIS are information systems designed to capture, treat, analyze and manage all kinds of spatial and geographical data. These properties make GIS a unique tool, accessible to a broad audience and compatible with a wide variety of applications. Access to information is thereby made easier because the issues that we are exposed to take shape as clear and decodable geographical data. As a matter of fact, the information’s geographical dimension allows the data, which up until now was indecipherable, to be communicated.   

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