Javascript Software Developer - Opportunity

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CartoVista Is Hiring!

CartoVista is an innovative, fast-paced entrepreneurial environment packed with opportunities for those seeking new challenges. Our mission is to enable the enterprise to better visualize and understand their data to make more informed and insightful business decisions.

From government to the private sector, our software is well established as a dynamic and flexible interactive mapping solution that allows fast sharing and analysis of strategic data. As a cutting-edge visualization product that solves key business problems in markets like insurance, finance and retail, CartoVista has tremendous growth potential in the upcoming years.

2016 was an exciting year for CartoVista, as the company received the award “SME of the year” from the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce. Our software engineering team continues to enhance the CartoVista software, leveraging the best of HTML5/JavaScript. We require a self-motivated software developer to join our engineering team to support new customers and expand the technical reach of our solution.

CartoVista offers you the opportunity to join our bilingual team in Ottawa-Gatineau, working with the latest visualisation technologies and participating in the development of award winning web mapping applications.

As a software developer, you will contribute to our platform by developing innovative visualisation solutions for our customers in markets where location and visualization play a strategic role in decision making.

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