Here are the new features available in CartoVista Server 6.0. 

For more information, see Version 6.0 – Release Notes.

Redesigned from the ground up

CartoVista Server 6.0 was entirely redesigned, from it’s architecture to the user interface.  In a nutshell, the release features:

  1. A new reliable, faster security management framework.An enhanced relational database system with support for both Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
  2. Improved performance and the ability to handle larger volumes of data more efficiently.
  3. New management interfaces to control users, roles, data, maps, public access, etc.
  4. Map enhancements and productivity tools for teams to collaborate and share their map sessions.
  5. New capabilities to securely manage multiple client deployments (tenants) with their own styles and settings.

User Onboarding – A New User Experience

The new CartoVista Server user interface was designed to help users be more efficient.

New Panel-Based Interface

With simpler interactions and design elements.

panel view

Faster UI Loading

Interface components that display much faster (user management, map gallery, maps, etc.).

faster ui

Improved Map Integration

The CartoVista Viewer tools are better integrated with a single application top bar.


Enhanced Mobile Support

Responsive design for everything with proper rendering on tablets and smartphones

responsive mobile

New Notification System

Useful to get feedback on lengthy tasks such as uploading large data or generating clusters for a point layer.

notifications system

User Management and Access

As part of the brand-new security framework, the user management in 6.0 has been greatly enhanced.

Improved Role Definition

Super administrator, administrator, map creator, map gallery user, etc.) and user groups to have finer control over permissions.


Applying Permissions

The ability to apply data access permissions to not only maps but also server layers and data tables.


Better User Management Tools

Control user password and activities (reset password, last login, number of failed logins, etc.).


User Communications

Automated onboarding email to new end users with proper message to get them started efficiently.


Data Management

The data management in 6.0 has been rewritten to improve how users can centralize their corporate data server-side.

Enhanced Server Layers

The support for uploading vector GIS data (Shapefiles, MapInfo tables, etc.) has been improved.

  1. The new relational database system has overall increased the performance of server layers and the ability to handle larger volumes of GIS data.
  2. The end user can upload GIS data, choose the columns to include and configure the properties of each column.
  3. Once uploaded, server layers are presented in the CartoVista Publisher to create maps.
  4. From the server interface, data can be updated or downloaded in ESRI Shape File format.

New Data Tables

In addition to GIS Layers, it is now possible to manage tabular data (excel or csv files).

  1. Much like server layers, data tables can be managed (properties, permissions, view data, update, delete when not used in any map, etc.).
  2. Using formats like Excel allows to use proper names for columns and save time by having them automatically populated.
  3. Data tables can be downloaded (in Excel format).
data table

New Data Linking

Version 6.0 brings new capabilities to link data tables with a server layer.

  1. Links are created by specifying linking columns.
  2. Supports many to one links relationships.
  3. Support multiple linked tables per layer.
  4. Linked data is presented as part of the server layer in the CartoVista Publisher.
data link

Georeferencing Using Latitude/Longitude Fields

New map layers can be created from data tables that contain geographic (latitude/longitude) coordinates.



Map Gallery

The presentation of maps has been enhanced with larger thumbnails and better support for long map titles.


Navigation Between Maps

Loading has been improved greatly when going back and forth from the map gallery to specific maps.

map navigation

Change Map Thumbnail

It is now possible to change the thumbnail displayed in the map gallery by simply uploading a new image (instead of editing the thumbnail in the CartoVista Publisher).



New Map Session Management

End users can now save their own map sessions and share them with other users. Multiple sessions can be created for a map and access and modification rights can be defined. When opening a map, the user can choose a session to load. The following items are saved:

  1. Current view (map extent).
  2. Custom thematic analysis (theme sets).
  3. Layers visibility, opacity and labeling options.
  4. Legend settings (color schemes, number of ranges…).
  5. Annotations and drawings.
  6. Filters in the data tables.
  7. Selected records (selection).
Session Management

Public Maps

With this new option, you can make one or more maps public. There is no need to authenticate to access public maps. This option is ideal to share data with the public or on an intranet (without having to deal with user management).

public maps

System Parameters & Tenants

Multiple Client Deployments (Tenants)

Version 6.0 includes the capabilities to manage multiple client deployments (tenants) within the same server. It is possible to integrate several private deployments on the same server without the risk of disclosing valuable information.

  1. A tenant is a separated private space that contains maps, layers, data tables, tile layers, users and groups. Because of its private nature, map gallery users, map creators and administrators from one tenant are not aware of the existence of other tenants and cannot access their content.
  2. Tenants have their own properties (names, logos, interface style and appearance, disclaimer, default language, etc.).  User Interface styles and appearance can be changed by selecting one of the styles available. You can also define specific UI colors to match with a client brand. 
Client Deployments

Super Administrators

Super administrators manage the system parameters, which includes the creation of super administrators and tenants. They have modification permissions on all levels (maps, layers, data tables, tile layers, users, and groups) of all tenants available on a CartoVista Server deployment. Only super administrators can access the private tenant space.

  1. Client licenses are managed at the tenant level: license key, URL Code (Tenant identifier in the URL), license expiration date, domain, number of users and licensed modules.
  2. Super administrators can also define tenant-specific information to display as introduction text or disclaimers for the end users.

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