What’s New

First and foremost, the CartoVista Viewer in version 6.5 has been greatly enhanced with several performance improvement that help display data faster then ever.

Certain types of thematic analysis can now be displayed up to 10 times faster than before. This opens the door to more possibilities to illustrate data changes with efficiency. We gathered feedback from end-users often requiring the ability to find the most optimal route to one or multiple destinations from our maps.

A typical use case for this is to find the nearest service provider (garage for instance) from a location on the map. Now you can easily add such functionality with our new routing tool.

For more information, see Version 6.5 – Release Notes.

Significant Performance Enhancements


Most thematic analysis in CartoVista 6.5 are displaying up to 10 times faster than before.

Also, the performance for the rendering of Point Image symbols in CartoVista 6.5 has been enhanced significantly.


New Routing Tool (Here Maps)

A new routing tool was added for users who wish to analyze routes between two points or from multiple destinations using a data layer as the source. The routing tool leverages Here Maps web services. The connection to the services can be specified easily in the CartoVista Publisher.

routing publisher

• Step 1: Set an origin point. This can be done through the map tool or by typing an address in the Routing panel.

routing map

• Step 2: Set a destination point. Just like the origin, this can be done through the map tool or by typing an address in the Routing panel.


• Step 3: Once an origin point and a destination point have been set, alternate routes will show up to give more options to the user. From there, it’s possible to remove routes or view the step by step directions by clicking the Directions icon.


It is also possible to copy the directions to the clipboard by clicking the Copy button.


Multiple options are also available to refine or modify the routing queries by clicking the Configuration button:

• Consider Traffic or not

• Specify a eparture Time

• Show Alternative Routes

• Choose the Number of Alternative Routes to Display

• Multiple Destinations Sorting by Distance or by a specific Field


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