Carnival Map

Although Carnival is a traditional Christian festival, this event is commemorated in many countries around the world. Indeed, whether in Cadiz, Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Nice or Quebec City, many people participate in parades, dress up, dance, and throw confetti, paper masks, or cotillions into the crowd. CartoVista has decided to offer you a map focusing on this celebration in order to brighten up this grey month of February, made even more difficult by the current pandemic. Nothing like a little color, joy and smiles to escape from your home and imagine yourself on the beaches of Brazil or on the San Marco square of Venice.

The map is organized around 3 main themes:

“Carnival around the world”

The first colorful theme is entitled “Carnival around the world”. The CartoVista team has selected (subjectively) the most famous carnivals in the world and invites you to travel through this map to discover photos and anecdotes about these events.

“The Brazilian Carnival”

The second highlight of this map focuses on Brazil, probably the most symbolic and well-known place for this celebration. This theme combines the attendance data of the different carnivals in the country, while also showing the revenues connected to this celebration and the hotel attendance in the most touristic places in Brazil in the month of February.

“Ice sculptures of Canada”

Finally, the third theme is much more “icy” than Brazilian beaches. CartoVista represented the ice sculpture contest organized across Canada, with pictures of the most beautiful works, descriptions and even a link to the contest website!

CartoVista hopes you had a “Happy Carnival”.