Car-Free Day Map

On the occasion of the Car-Free Day which takes place on September 22, but also because since the covid-19 crisis the use of bicycles has increased significantly, and simply because we at CartoVista like to cycle in autumn, we decided to create a map on the best bicycle friendly cities. This map compiled data from the Global Bicycle Cities 2019 index, put together by Coya. 5 major themes ranked 90 cities around the world to see which places were the most enjoyable to ride a bike.

First Class Cities

The first theme, “First Class Cities”, has a sub-theme that shows the total score of the 90 cities mapped and the use of bicycles in those locations (out of 100). The other sub-theme shows you a graph comparing the score for safety, infrastructure and sharing, which are explored in the following themes.

At your own risk… or not!

The second theme, “At your own risk… or not!” focuses on the safest places to ride a bike, because for CartoVista, the safety of cyclists is essential. By combining data on the number of accidents and fatalities per 100,000 cyclists, as well as the number of bicycle thefts in the city, a total score was calculated and mapped by our team.

Watch for Potholes!

The third theme, called “Watch for Potholes!” focuses on the infrastructure of these 90 cities. A total score, compiling data on the number of bike stores, road quality and number of bike lanes as well as cities’ total investments for cyclists allowed us to show you where bicycles are prioritized around the world.

Sharing is caring!

The notion of sharing is finally illustrated in our fourth theme called “Sharing is caring!” This one, with a calculation of the number of bike-sharing and self-service stations and the use made of them, shows you the places that have decided to develop these very useful services in an urban agglomeration.

Car-Free Day

Finally, the last theme focuses on the Car Free Day event itself, mapping the cities that are making the effort to participate (in 2019) and those that have not yet agreed to join this movement.
Feel free to share the map. The CartoVista team wishes you a great bike ride this fall!