2022 World Cup Story Map

The Qatar 2022 World Cup of soccer has now begun! This is the beginning of the competition that will see the best teams in the world compete for almost a month. Will the favourites resist the pressure? Will France succeed in winning two consecutive editions? Will Brazil bring home another star? Will England continue the impressive run they started at the last Euro? Who will be the surprise teams? Which players will be revealed to the general public? 

So many questions that will fuel the conversations during the tournament! That’s why we have decided to create an interactive story map on this subject with our latest software.


2022 World Cup Edition

This first Slide of the story map will teach you everything you need to know about this year’s competition. Countries in yellow are the ones competing this year. The countries in blue have participated in the past but are not competing this year. You will see the emblems and the nicknames of each country’s team.

Place your cursor on a country to get information on its team.

Live results

The map also contains live results of the 2022 World Cup:

  • Group Stage qualifications: who’s in, who’s out? Visualize at a glance the teams who’ve made it to the Knockout Stage.
  • Group repartition and points: you will also see on the map the different groups, and the point score of each team.
  • Knockout Stage: as the Knockout Stage will unfold, we’ll show the results and which team are making it to the Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Final.

Stay tuned as the map changes with the competition!

Past World Cup editions

Let’s travel back in time to discover the history of the World Cups since 1930!

Navigate from one Slide to another to learn more about the best performances, the number of participations and the last participations of all the teams. We’ll also take a look at audiences throughout the years. The Story in each Slide will help you learn more about the data represented in the map. 

Place your cursor on a point to find information about the best players, the best goalscorers, the finals, the number of teams and goals, but also pictures immortalizing the winners of all editions.

World Cup | Data Tip Picture
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